This project was for an International Advertising class. The assignment was to created a campaign for a global brand that targeted a specific region based off what those countries valued. The target market for this campaign was Latin American countries with high values of nationalism. The campaign would start in the months leading up to the Winter Olympics and feature a specific Pepsi bottle for each country. During these months, people could participate by purchasing their country's can or box of Pepsi and scanning the QR code to register their purchase. One week prior to the Olympics, the country with the most scanned Pepsi products would earn a special edition "Gold Medal" Pepsi can. This can would be produced and distributed for one month (throughout the Olympics and the 2 weeks following).




For this persuasive advertising project, the assignment was to create a series of ads using iconic images and a product of our choice. I chose the product Mentos and the theme of mementos. I decided to depict what these iconic images would have been like if Mentos were featured in them. The consumer then associates Mentos with fresh breath (for a kiss or instead of a cigarette) and positions it as a memorable brand.




For this class project, I could choose any product but was assigned a target audience and purpose. My target audience was wealthy stay-at-home moms ages 25-35 and my purpose was to prove the product is long-lasting. I chose Essie nail polish because it is known for being high-quality and durable. I stressed the importance of how moms need to take breaks and pamper themselves and that the nail polish will last as long as their vacation should.