Trophies Are For Winners


As a Co-CEO & graphic designer for Trophies are for Winners, I am responsible for branding, creating social media graphics, and designing apparel and accessories. So whether it's celebrating fierce individuals or sharing our collection of no-apologies street gear: Trophies are for Winners specializes in showcasing strength. Our mission is to recognize the numerous positions that women hold and shamelessly celebrate them. Our products go beyond good design; they're smart design.




We're the Future, We Vote is a non-partisan, non-profit, new approach to political and civic engagement. The mission is to make Charlotteans smarter about politics and policy, to in turn make Charlotte better. As the graphic designer for #WTFwevote, I'm responsible for logo design, social media graphics, and marketing materials. I created a hashtag version of the logo as well as the full version of the logo to engage the target audience: millennials. The colors red, white, and blue clearly represent America and all political parties in a non-partisan way. 



Laxton CFO Services

I created the logo, business cards, and website for Laxton CFO Services: a company that provides the financial strategies, tools, and intelligence to arm the leadership team with the most impactful knowledge to make decisions and take actions to move the organization forward in rewarding, meaningful ways. I chose the plus symbol and the color green because it is a financial company, but I left negative space between the pieces to represent that Laxton CFO Services is more than that - it is teaching the strategy and connectivity that helps companies achieve success. 



Elsa Fine

Elsa Fine is an online Trend Studio - a place where women have access to personalized style sessions, trend consulting and online retail.  I helped Owner and CEO Jordan Dollard launch Elsa Fine in March 2015 as the Creative Director and I now serve as her graphic designer. I created the brand identity, logo, and website as well as photographed and edited the first photoshoot. I continue to help promote Elsa Fine with marketing materials and social media promotion. Elsa Fine is a trendy brand with a bold aesthetic combined with classic, southern-inspired roots. 




Regional AIDS Interfaith Network (RAIN)

RAIN works to transform lives of those living with and affected by HIV and AIDS by providing care, education and leadership development as well as community outreach. The RAIN Young Affiliates was launched in 2015 and I was one of the founding members. I created a modern logo design for the Young Affiliates that reflects the young professional age demographic, but also represents RAIN as the parent organization.




Organic by John Patrick is a high-end, sustainable clothing company founded on the ideals of beauty and ethics + green and global. They prioritize organic materials, fair labor practices, and ecological awareness. For my Advertising Campaigns Capstone class, our group was responsible for creating a logo and all-encompassing brand identity for Organic. The brand is extremely minimalistic, and this inspired the design process. All print advertisements were clean, environmental, and with little-to-no copy. Our slogan "It's not trying to be, it just is" reflects the company's mission and values and inspired our guerilla marketing campaigns. Every aspect of the designs are sustainable - including a 100% biodegradable clothing tag containing seeds that can be planted. The project was entered into The One Show: Young Ones competition in May 2014 and was a finalist for logo design. 



Beau Bows

Created in 2012 for a southern gentleman, Beau Bows specializes in custom bow ties for wedding parties. I was hired to create the logo and branding for the company, as well as design instructional materials for packaging, and apparel.