Teach For America

This brochure was designed to specifically sell Teach For America - Charlotte to a corporate audience. It provides data in a visually interesting way while also featuring compelling copy. The bright colors keep it cheerful to balance out the hard-hitting statistics.


As a member of the Creative Mornings Charlotte team, I have created social media graphics as well as products for the Charlotte chapter. "Does This Shirt Make Me Look Creative?" is the exclusive Charlotte is Creative team member shirt and the "Get Up. Get Coffee. Get Creative." shirt is on sale as a collaboration with locally-owned and operated 704 Shop

Bearded Buddha

This lifestyle brand specializes in artisan products for men. Their essential oils and beard care products are high-quality, all natural and certified organic. I kept the label design fairly simple and incorporated earth tones to reflect the different product types. 


Beer & Branding

AIGA Charlotte's Beer & Branding event pairs local designers with local home brewers to create beer labels and packaging. Every brewer was required to use the ingredient lemongrass but had no other restrictions. Our brewer made a Red Saison beer with citrus hops, coriander and thai spice. An unexpected blend deserved an unexpected design, so just like a Belgian monk taking a leak on the lawn, does it have to make sense to be great? Don't Eat the Lemongrass aims to please.

Young Affiliates of the Mint

As the Graphic Design Chair for the YAMS, I am responsible for creating a large amount of content. We always need collateral design to go along with our events and this usually includes social media graphics, flyers, and postcards. I try to keep the designs young and fresh to attract our audience and encourage attendance to our fundraising events.